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PR Renewal

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PR RenewalThe Permanent Resident card (also known as a "PR Card") is issued by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to the Permanent Residents of Canada. For permanent residents, PR card is a mandatory document required to enter Canada by car, bus, airline or any other means of travel. A PR card is valid for 5 years only.

You are currently residing in Canada as a permanent resident.

You are not under any eviction order.

Your card is ruined, lost, robbed or up for renewal.

You need to update your card for details such as legally changing your name, citizenship, gender designation or correction of date of birth.

Eligibility Requirements

Permanent Resident Card

Applying for PR Card

On the whole, the procedure of renewing a PR card may take a few weeks. It is better to renew your card well in advance before the expiry date, especially if you are planning to travel overseas. Canadian Immigration recommends that you should file an application for renewal at least two months before the card is about to expire. Whether your situation is urgent or not, getting a PR card renewed is crucial. The procedure needs to be done properly, or you are at peril of not being allowed to enter Canada.

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